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A Trusted Partner for Over 10 Years

Clients trust us because of our track record on being a high quality team and delivering results on a daily basis. When you hire Telefocus to answer your inbound calls, we are committed to a long term successful relationship. Each day you will have access to an account manager to answer any questions you may have about a job we dispatched. Calls are recorded for the purpose of transparency and going back to find details if needed.

Welcome to the telefocus towing dispatch pros

A Uniquely Personal Onboarding Experience

When onboarding at Telefocus, we dive deep into your business and expecations of us. Our goal is to make the process seamless but also very thorough. We will go over your pricing to make sure we know how to price each and every job correctly. Then, we will go over your current business accounts and motor clubs. We will discuss how you want us to handle customers that decline the price. From our experience we have the ability to save potential jobs from declining the price by offering a small discount in some scenarios. We will also go over:

Welcome to the telefocus towing dispatch pros

The Best Virtual Receptionists

Our receptionists and dispatchers are all based in the United States. Each and every member of our team are trained in customer support, towing dispatch, conflict resolution, and converting calls into paying jobs. We record our calls for quality and training purposes. Every month we meet with our dispatchers to listen to their recordings to see where improvements can be m

telefocus experience

A Focus on Your Results

Focusing on results is what we do best. Every call we answer on behalf of your business is recorded, documented, and handled with the end goal of converting the call into a paying job. If customers decline the price, we can negotiate on your behalf. In addition to price negotiation, we firmly believe that an excellent customer experience will result in a higher conversion rate. Here at Telefocus, we’re a dedicated group of dispatchers will little turnover. You will have the same dispatchers answering month after month, therefore, we will get to know your customers and vice versa.

Our Story

About Telefocus

Telefocus started in 2013 as a traditional telephone answering business based in Meriden, Connecticut. We service clients such doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and home service providers. We quickly realized the demand for dispatchers in the emergency roadside assistance industry and opened a department dedicated to this field. In addition to our Connecticut offices, we’ve opened an office in downtown Orlando, Florida in 2021. We strive on serving and look forward to growing our business with customers who need help managing their incoming calls. Contact us to learn more @ +1-888-512-5620


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